The Answer to UK compliance

Scrappi secure cloud based app is designed to streamline the purchasing and sales of scrap metal.

Developed to comply with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 our software allows scrapyards to easily:

  • Create accounts and safely store customer identification documents.

  • Create purchase and sales invoices in seconds.

  • Print small thermal receipts and full Invoices

  • Email your waste transfer documents.

  • Run full auditable transaction reports.

  • Make instant cash payments using the Quick Cash Kiosk *purchase required
    Each user has their own login allowing the scrapyards to have full transparency on which personnel graded and purchased the material.

Scrappi  has an editable database of the most common materials that scrapyards buy along with the correct EWC Codes and two pricing options which enables you to edit your prices as and when you need to.

Full training is provided

Customer support is available 24/7.

Quick Cash Kiosk
This new advanced technology designed to replace cheque cashing and prepaid card facilities in scrapyards

Why Does Your Scrapyard need a Quick Cash Kiosk?

Scrapyard customers want cash. 

Cash is King!

The popularity of cheque cashing at scrapyards proves this. 

It also allows legitimate scrapyards to compete on an even ground with yards that illegally pay out cash.

It will generate an extra income source from the fees paid by customers to use the machine.

It has been proven to increase gate trade.

It saves on staff time in processing payments.  

Any mistakes can be rectified at source instead of lengthy processes at the bank.

But Why Not Just Cash a Cheque or Use a Pre Paid Card?

Well yes you can use a cheque cashing service or even use a prepaid card, but....

Cheque cashing is expensive for the customer and time consuming for the scrapyard. 

There is normally a minimum charge of £5 or 2% of the total amount, whichever is greatest. 

The profit from these charges goes to the cheque cashing service, not the scrapyard.

Prepaid cards are cheaper than cheque cashing but the company providing them take the profit not the scrapyard! 

There is a lot of paperwork involved and GDPR rules to comply with.

A Quick Cash Kiosk is cheaper for you & earns money for YOUR Scrapyard!

The Quick Cash Kiosk is much cheaper for the customer and very fast for the scrapyard. 

The scrapyard chooses how much they want to charge their customers for using it. 

This can be a flat fee or a percentage. 

The scrapyard keeps the fee. 

The customers are getting their cash for cheaper than before

The scrapyard is making the profit from the service NOT the cheque cashing company and because there is no third party involved in the transaction there is no need for any extra paperwork.

Works in harmony with the Scrappi App or your exisitng system!


An average yard having 30 customers a day, charging just £3 per transaction for their customer to get their cash right away.....

So daily income for giving YOUR CUSTOMERS the CHOICE to take cash away on the day and giving GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE would be £90 a day! - take this over an average 5 day working week in a month £1949!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not pay into the bank or write a cheque?


There are many reasons that this isn't the best option.

A lot of the gate trade customers in scrapyards are from disadvantaged backgrounds and many are living hand to mouth. Some don't have bank accounts and have no choice but to use expensive cheque cashing services. Our kiosk lets them get their money as quickly and cheaply as possible. Even people with bank accounts often prefer to have the cash for a multitude of reasons including:

They're overdrawn, Saves them a trip to the bank, makes it easier to split with their workmates, cash is King they don't want to wait 3 days for the cheque to clear and my favorite one... it stops the wife knowing how much I got for my scrap so I can spend more in the bookies! LOL!!


Why not just do a bank transfer or payment?

Making instant bank payments is time consuming and mistakes are very difficult to rectify, often taking far longer than you would like to deal with.

Bank payments require members of staff to have access to the company bank accounts. 

Customers are wary of giving out their bank details. 


Why wouldn't I just write my customer a cheque?

Writing cheques and signing them needs a senior member of staff available at all times. This may involve customers being made to wait until cheques can be signed or sent to them, they then have to use another service to cash the cheques or take them to the bank. A Quick Cash Kiosk, takes out all the effort involved in modern day cheque cashing.

Some customers don't have bank accounts.


Will it work with my existing software?


We understand that you may well be invested in software already, so The Quick Cash Kiosk is available as a complete stand alone system which can be integrated with your own software.

However we highly recommend the fully integrated with SCRAPPI software which works harmoniously with the Quick Cash Kiosk. 


What do I need to have a Quick Cash Kiosk in my scrapyard?

All it requires to work is a wired internet connection and for the scrapyard to have access to an internet browser on a pc, laptop or other device.


OK, but is this legal?

Our system is a new technology and has been designed and built to comply with U.K law. We have gone through years of consultations and testing with engineers and solicitors to ensure that our Kiosks are fully compliant with the Law and the Scrapyard Dealers Act 2013 and its supplementary guidance.

Check out our testimonial page to see the legal testimonies.

So you like the sound of making your gate customers very happy AND earning additional income just for that privilege? 
Book a FREE ONE MONTH TRIAL of the Quick Cash Kiosk now!

We are very happy to discuss your needs and requirements, demonstrate your return on investment and are so confident that you will love this system that we are happy at OUR cost to install a unit completely free of charge for a one month trial.

We have had customers who have made enough money from using their machine in the trial period that it has enabled them to purchase a Quick Cash Kiosk outright, meaning they are earning money from the get go!

What's not to love?

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