What is our mission?

Our Mission

We have a long history of working in the scrap and metal recycling industry so we understand that business can be hard. 

From competition from illegally operating yards, customers shopping around and the costs of operating the business and keeping up to date with compliance, it is an industry riddled with barriers to overcome.

We do however totally advocate and support the compliance rules and regulations as they protect the merchants and they protect their customers along with providing protection for victims of illegally activity.

We designed the Scrappi and the Quick Cash Kiosk to help to provide an even playing field and a way to reduce operational costs for our clients.
So we looked closely at our industry and the daily expenditure involved with bank transfers, cheque issuing and purchasing prepayment cards and armed with our industry knowledge, employing expert legal advice and engaging with a highly experienced software development company  Quick Cash Payment Solutions was formed.

We want to SUPPORT scrap yards across the UK to continue to run their businesses in a manner that benefits everyone in the supply chain.

How Much Could You Earn Per Month?

Enter your average number of customers per day and also how much you are likely to charge them for using the facility.

ie 30 customers paying £3

Quick Cash Kiosk calculator


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Average amount per month that you can earn for doing NOTHING other than giving your customers a better service *based on 35 customers a day paying £2 to use the service
use the calculator above to work out how much you could earn for your scrapyard, just by using the Scrappi  and the Quick Cash Kiosk solution.

10 Years

10 years of research and development to launch

*Looking at the QCPS system, it appears to be very much designed with the SMDA in mind and incorporates the limited guidance given within the Act itself. The onus is on the company to operate the system properly, with a whole raft of procedures put in place to ensure that the identity of the customer and the audit trail of monies are both recorded accurately and available to the authorities, should they so wish. Whilst it is not for me to ultimately define what amounts to “reasonable steps,” this appears to me to be very much what should be required and totally in keeping with both the letter and the spirit of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. ​ Accordingly, I believe that QCPS and the yards using their system are acting within the law.

Martin Rutherford KC. 15NBS Chambers 7th January 2022

" I have, accordingly, approached this matter afresh. The resulting opinion is my own independent view, unaffected by those previously expressed. ​ From a purposive point of view, it seems to me that the system works far more to the spirit of the legislation than a cheque cashing facility. Conclusion: ​ *Accordingly, I advise that: a. The system in its current configuration, as described to me, does conform with the requirements of s.12 SMDA, 2013; b. The steps taken by QCPS to ensure compliance consist of reasonable steps to ensure that the requirements are complied with. ​ 

Alistair S Webster KC Lincoln House Chambers. 12th October, 2022.

“I write to confirm my advice in relation to your qcps system and indeed section 12 of the SMDA 2013. I can confirm that having looked into the matter, my clear advice is that your system does not fall foul of section 12 of the SMDA 2013. This is because the system authorises an electronic transfer of funds before the customers are paid in cash. James Reilly, Senior Solicitor and Partner, Lewis Nedas Law. 06/08/2021”

James Reilly, Senior Solicitor and Partner, Lewis Nedas Law. 06/08/2021