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Greengate Metals Ltd.

After the introduction of the SMDA 2013 we did what most scrayards did and offered our customers a cheque cashing
service and preloaded credit cards.  This service was quite popular with around 30% of customers using it. It was however very expensive for our customers and time consuming for our staff.

In April 2021 we started using the Quick Cash Kiosk, in the first month all of our customers who used the cheque cashing service switched to the kiosk. By the third month of using the kiosk 80% of all customers were using the Kiosk.

Six months after using the Kiosk our gate trade was up over 50% because our customers want their cash.

We charge £1.50 per payment generating us roughly £780 per month in payment charges.

Our customers love it, our staff love it and I can't recommend it any higher! It's a must for all scrapyards that have gate trade.

Terence, Greengate Metals

Apex Metals Ltd.


We started using the system early 2022.  We were cashing cheques but a lot of our customers didn't like paying the high charges and they preferred using unlicensed scrapyards that were illegally paying cash.

Having the kiosk installed allowed us to compete with the illegal yards that paid cash out and our customers love it.  Gate trade is up and the best thing is we get to keep the payment charges not the cheque cashing firm!!

The extra trade it brings in along with the payment charges has not only paid for the machine but also paid for the yearly support and maintenance package within the first 6 months!

This system is as important to have as a scale for scrapyards.

James, Apex Metals

N M Metal Recycling

The software is very easy to use. Our gate trade is up, our costs are down and  Our customers love getting their cash and the support and guidance for the software is brilliant.

Nathan, NM Metal Recycling

We had an issue with illegal yards paying cash out in our local area and wanted a way to pay out cash legally.
We thoroughly checked the legality of the QCPS system before arranging a free demonstration.
During our free trial period we earned enough in payment charges to pay for the machine and the revenue from the continuing payment charges is a welcome new revenue stream.
Using the software is very easy and intuitive and it’s helped us to minimise bank payment mistakes saving us time and money.
I would definitely recommend the system to any yard wanting a cash payment system.

Steve, LKM Recycling

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